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Key Areas
We currently work with a large variety of businesses ranging from new start-ups, privately owned Limited Companies, local government departments to large PLC`s across a wide range of industry sectors. MoonBow’s Key Areas of expertise encompass a wide range of sectors, Manufacturing -Aerospace, Automotive, Energy & Utilities, Product Design, Engineering Practices, Healthcare.
Manufacturing Expertise at Moonbow
MoonBow has worked with many blue chip and SME manufacturers on their route to operational excellence.

Manufacturing Processes

We understand design and manufacturing processes, Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies and the importance of leadership and the culture of Continuous Improvement.
We make sure you obtain the optimum performance of all operations and processes while maintaining high standards of quality; designing the improvement methodology around the needs of your organisation.

Operations Management

Operational Excellence is always on the agenda of top business leaders, who know that world-class operations are the key to staying ahead of the competition.
Our consultants will provide full hands on support until Operational Excellence is achieved, resulting in an organisation that quickly becomes self-sufficient.
Product Development
Product Development at Moonbow
Effective product development and commercialisation is a central driver of business growth. While evolutionary development is an important source of revenue and profit, the most exceptional returns often come from revolutionary developments – game-changing products that draw on the latest technologies and service models.

Technology & Innovation

Improving your company’s ability to innovate is the most effective way to increase profitability and growth.
We have over 200-man years experience in managing technology and innovation. With skills covering a wide range of technologies and proven experience in fast track development.
We can assist device manufacturers with designing, developing, testing and maintaining products throughout their lifecycles.
Health Care
Health Care at Moonbow
MoonBow use a variety of techniques for identifying and improving organisational business performance or clinical practice. Our widely recognised models begin by working collaboratively with organisations to critically appraise performance or practice. This allows our consultants to identify issues with efficiency, performance and safety as well as provide a level against which to assess the impact of changes to the service.

Medical Advances

New technologies and medical advances are driving massive change in models of care. At MoonBow, a sustainable approach to healthcare means designing solutions that anticipate future needs in both the public and private sector providers.
Business Turnaround
Business Turnaround at Moonbow
In businesses that are losing money or have declining profits year on year, whether as a result of market difficulties or other reasons, it’s often very challenging to find the way out when you are in the thick of it.

Fresh Eye

Our turnaround specialists can enter a company with a fresh eye, knowledge and skills. They will be able to spot problems and create new solutions that may not be visible to company insiders simply because the latter are too close to the subject.
Our invaluable experience of successfully turning around underperforming businesses could be the solution to getting your business back on a secure footing and thriving again.
Moonbow offers advice and a pragmatic, realistic approach to addressing its client needs. We provide "end-to-end" services and solutions, ranging from supporting strategy development through to enterprise solutions and technology decisions our forte. 
We pride our selves on our independence, rigour and the quality of what we deliver. The above is just a small sample of the areas in which we can help your organisation.

“We help businesses solve problems rather than merely identify them”.

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